Catan Board Game $43, Ticket To Ride Europe $45 + Free Shipping @ Zeaway via GrabOne


A good price for these games if you don't have them already

Mod Note

Buyer beware: The authenticity of this board game is undetermined. It's recommended to purchase this item from brick & mortar stores for ease of returns or exchanges if your product is faulty (e.g Kmart)

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    Just be aware these are pretty much all going to be fakes. Quality might be ok but they won't be the official release.

    • Really? How do they get away with selling fakes?

    • What makes you say that?

      I thought GrabOne was a legitimate Kiwi business?

      Perhaps one of the people that has upvoted your comment could also comment. Pretty serious allegation.


      • The quality on them is actually almost exactly comparable to the original, so lots of suppliers get tricked as they see a cheap price from china and think they have found the legit product. I had an issue buying one of these deals through the market and again through

        • I feel that this deal should probably be pulled from Cheapies if that's the case, as it's going to dupe a lot of people into unknowingly buying a fake product at a price not that different to the legit product.

          • @NZLSizeNZL: Best course of action is to hit the report button at the bottom of the post

          • @NZLSizeNZL: Honestly I wouldn't take it down, it's so common there's no real surefire way of getting a legit one other than buying direct from the manufacturer.
            I just wanted to make people aware that with these deals on the game they might have to be happy rolling the dice on if its fully genuine or not.

      • Grab one and most marketplaces don't check individual sellers. Anyone with business and product can approach and sell over there. No way to check it's legit until you buy and try.

  • Check out Zeaway’s reviews

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