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PS5 Horizon Forbidden West Bundle $924.00 + Shipping ($0 with MarketClub) @ The Warehouse, The Market


Get the PlayStation 5 Console - Horizon Forbidden West Bundle to join Aloy as she braves a dangerous frontier on PS5.

  • PlayStation 5 console
  • Horizon Forbidden West full game voucher
  • DualSense wireless controller
  • Base
  • HDMI cable
  • AC power cord
  • USB cable
  • Printed materials
  • ASTROs PLAYROOM (Pre-installed game. PS5 console may need to be updated to the latest system software version. Internet connection required.)

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  • The coupon doesn't work as they list it on the market as an Alcohol / 18+ product which can't be discounted.

    • weird it worked for me when i tried it earlier lol
      Seems they changed it

      I can't edit the title/description so asked mods to do so

      Still if anyone missed out on the console they can get it full price.

  • TMXLK524 are not eligible to be used on alcohol and restricted products.

  • Cant be used… anyone else had success?

    • Sadly looks like the changed it. Didn't have the restriction earlier

  • It doesn't work, the ability to use coupons/enter codes is disabled if you have a PS5 bundle in your cart. Just got off with Live Chat and they sent me a screenshot of the T&C where it says that the code can't be used on PS5 consoles anyway, same goes for the $5, $10 and $15 coupons if you check out the T&C page for them.

    • It does work with games if you are lucky enough to own a disc edition you can save a few bucks.

  • Seems like 77 Available

    • +1

      Yet none on TWH website/app, strange

      • +1

        They treat TheMarket as it's own store for some drops with stock just for that platform. Maybe to drive traffic or something.

        • The Market at this point is Nz's baby version of Amazon
          seems like they get a shipment of 300-500 or so and just distribute 100 or so to each TWH, NL, The Market etc

          ~39 left

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