Deal Alerts. Is There a Feature Like This or in Works?


I am not sure if this feature is already there & I can't see or if it is already in works. If it is there please point me in that direction.

Basically, what I am looking for is a deal alert for an item. For eg if a Nvidia Shield deal is posted, I get a notification of the deal being posted. Sometimes I have missed out on the deal which I am looking for just because I didn't log in to cheapies to check sooner.

I have been a long time user on based) and have been very much used to there deal alerts and have scored quite a few good deals when I was there. Missing the same/similar feature here on cheapies. I am pretty sure many would love to have something like this.

Thanks to all members of Cheapies who contribute to it directly or indirectly.

Keep up the good work.



  • You can create an alert for a search term.
    I have one set up for Waitomo.

    To create one search for the word ,'Waitomo' in my case, using the cheapies search bar.
    Then you can see an option appear to 'Create Alert'.

    • Ahh thanks. See you learn new things everyday.

  • Click on the product tag then click 'subscribe'. It will rely on the deal being tagged, which might not always be done immediately, so the search alert option above might work better/quicker (just give more false positives).

    Also go to my account > settings > subscriptions > categories to change your subscription settings to web, email, or both.

    • Thank you

    • Thanks. I learnt something new too.

      • No probs, product tag subscriptions are fairly new. Introduced in 6 Oct 2021.

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