What do you buy from Amazon AU? Any good deals?

Are there any good deals in general that are worth snapping up because of its prices compared to NZ prices?

I've seen some deals on things like hand soap (thanks Wakrak) being posted here so just wanting to know what stuff can be stocked up to save money.

Looking forward to everyone's responses!


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    Depends what you're after. I've bough household items like the soap you mentioned, socks, helmet, bike lock, razor blades, toothbrushes, monitor, phone screen protection, sewing gear (pins, scissors, pens), desk lamp, condoms, microfiber towels, salt & pepper grinders, Nivea products … and the list goes on.

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    I got 4 X 400Gm jars of Moccona Med roast. All arrive bubble wrapped, ( phew), cost was a tad over $19 NZ per jar delivered. I got a $10 discount for using the Amazon app for the first time..

    It worked out at half or less of the NZ price. 11 days from buy to receive.

    • I was tempted by the Moccona deal - same jar in my local PnS was over $30. Didn't know about that $10 app discount - thanks - will try

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        I got 4 jars because the cost took me up to the free shipping !

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      Same. Got 2 jars. Wish they have caramel flavor though.

      Also, don't forget CashRewards cash back. Sometimes the boosted cashback helps.

  • Bought a router, some dektop RAM, lodge cast iron plate, kitchen scissors, bench scraper and wet wipes all recently

  • I bought an NVIDIA Shield Pro through this deal

  • NVIDIA Shield, Nintendo switch and countless ps4 games. All significantly reduced and took about the same amount of time if I purchased something off trade me. I’ve also on-sold most of those games at a profit too lol

  • Bought some lego as a gift, miles cheaper than local. A few cables and supplies like the above. Generally impressed with speed of delivery in most cases.

  • Bought a Sous vide, Vacuum sealer, one blade shaver, instant pot and monitor stands so far this year

  • Mainly Lego, it's sometimes a lot cheaper. Have also bought kids books and games (a Bluey game), some a lot cheaper some only $1 or $2 but included with Lego. Free postage over $59 for some items is great.

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